In 7 months, my girlfriend left me, followed by my assistant and my partner, I lost my home, passed nearly two personal bankruptcies and lived with zero dollar with nearly 30,000 debt ... the only thing that kept me alive was the desire to make people around me happy by hosting weddings.
— Jay Chevery

Born in Montreal and Haitian origin, he got the show-business shot from his first experiments on a tv set and on a scene at the age of 11 Since then, its natural, dynamism and passion have been following him and have helped to make it shine through its different appearances. From Mc and DJ in clubs, he has, over the years, added multiple strings to his bow. His communication skills, interpersonal skills, professionalism and even his dancer skills were used in various mandates. Jay has thus acquired the versatility and aplomb necessary to meet the highest expectations of animation.

What characterizes him?

A unique approach! More than a simple animation, it is an artistic performance that jay offers every performance, tinged with his Usher and Justin Timberlake inspirations and putting forward his talents as speaker, host and party organisation, according to needs. By his approach, he stands out for conventional ceremony masters.

Whether on stage, on radio, on the web or even on TV, the ease and sociability of which he is proof is worth a privileged contact with his audience on every occasion: a significant asset in the success of an event, no matter it nature.

Passion for profession

From Adolescence he was already working in a mobile disco company set up with friends. This was the front door he needed to propel his career. Student parties, private parties, clubs and weddings are as many opportunities as they have been given to experience his relationship with the public and forge his host identity. These experiments brought him to the four corners of Quebec and also allowed him to vibrate most of Montreal clubs during the years when the city knew its peak in nightlife.

This journey earned him the MC contract of the Montreal DJ Awards Gala, twice. This is how he then pointed out by the Montreal.TV webtv, for whom he was a collaborator as a reporter on nightlife. It was a first step as a host of webtv, an experience that enabled him to ensure the coverage of the Artis gala for Expose.TV.  Several corporate events also appealed to its services, including the celebrations of the 50th of the city of Laval in 2015 and The March of Courage. It is later on-air of CIBL Montreal and Rhythm FM Quebec that we were able to hear Jay as a web and techno collaborator. We were finally able to see him at The Weather Network as presenter, V TV for the 2.0 family show, and on Le Cahier show at MaTV where he was a male fashion collaborator.

Jay Chevery made himself known from another angle by becoming ambassador for various companies, especially for the Infiniti car manufacturer during the Montreal International Auto Show, for 2 consecutive years. In 2016 he also lent himself to the game as a male fashion emblem for the 100th anniversary of group Yellow Inc, a well-known company for his shoe brand.


It is with all this luggage that Jay has been able to participate in a series of benefits during a multitude of events over recent years. Among the organizations that have given their confidence to Jay Chevery, including Gymnastics Quebec, as well as the Quebec MBA association for whom he animated the Odyssey's 2018, a major recognition event. In addition, we were able to see it on the occasion of the first part of American Singer Lloyd, as part of the media coverage of the Montreal IleSonic Festival of Montreal and even during the provincial championship game Telus of the Quebec major junior hockey league.

At the same time, Jay Chevery did not fail to contribute his experience in his community to young people. In addition to collaboration with Opération Enfants Soleil, he joined the Boscoville program offering an extracurricular radio expression platform for secondary youth. It is therefore a mentoring role that he has been able to perform, which he has also provided in other contexts, pursuing a desire to communicate his passion and build on his experiences.

In order to complete a brief overview of its path, we cannot ignore Jay's recent debut as a comedian and appearing. We were able to see him in the video Le Miracle of no other than Celine Dion, in the American Serie Quantico and movie The Walk, as much as at the little screen in Quebec in Blue moon, Au Secour de Béatrice , and C’est gars-là.