Festive atmosphere, performance and surprise guests!

Samantha Kerr and Dave carrier celebrate their union at Golf Quatre Domaines of Saint-Jérôme. Their story begins ten years ago in their hometown. It was thanks to the groom's brother that they met on a blind date at the cinema. David, charmed by Samantha's contagious laugh, invites him immediately for another appointment, where they are more acquainted. The young couple quickly discovers their affinities and they undertake several joint projects such as the renovation of their first house, the organization of travel and activities with their loved ones. It is therefore surrounded by their family and friends that they celebrated their 10th anniversary of common life, with Jay Chevery as the Master of Ceremonies and DJ Kleancut, the famous resident DJ of the Beach Club. Their family and friends reserved a lot of surprises and performances for the couple. A special and unforgettable evening, long live to the young couple!

Photo to come....